Calendario Modelo Manager TM 2025, 2 páginas por Semana, 205 × 260 mm, Piel sintética Belnova, Color marrón Rojizo


Introducing our beautifully crafted calendars, perfect for organizing your year ahead. Our calendars feature a sleek design with a Belnova synthetic leather cover in a warm reddish-brown color, adding a touch of elegance to your workspace.

This trilingual calendar is perfect for those who speak German, English, and French, providing you with all the necessary information you need at a glance. From a summary of the previous year to the current year and the year ahead, to important dates such as holidays in Germany and Austria, this calendar has it all.

With 4 pages dedicated to each month of the current year, 4 pages for the following year, as well as 6 lined note pages, 2 holiday planner pages, 16 map pages, and 12 pages of interesting facts, our calendar is not just practical but also informative.

Additionally, the calendar includes a removable address book section in Spanish, making it easy to keep track of important contacts and addresses.

Don’t miss out on staying organized and informed throughout the year – order your calendar today! Call 7024074705 to purchase your very own calendar now.

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